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Yeruham Off Season (Yervhem avep seyzen)

D, ED, CI: Mili Pecherer
ISR 2013, OwE, 40‘51, INT PR


Mili, “damsel in distress”, moves between lonely scenes in the snowcovered forests of Finland and the tough male-dominated Wild West of Israel. On her road trip to Yeruham, a small town in the Negev desert, she meets cowboys, herdsmen, hunters and a sheriff, all of them more pestering than charming. Armed with a Colt and a camera, this shy, sugar-sweet Calamity Jane succeeds both in softening men’s hearts and gaining their respect. A young woman on a quest, torn between the desire for closeness and distance. A provocative portrait of tough guys and unerring pleasure seekers that brings a smile to the face. 

Mili Pecherer, born 1988 in Israel, is the daughter of immigrants from France and the USSR. Her first documentary was about aliens in her hometown. She‘s a member of the Israeli Society for Napoleonic Research. She made “Yeruham off season“ as her graduation film at the video and new media department of the Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem.