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Blood (Krov)

D: Alina Rudnitskaya, ED: Sergei Vinokurov, Alina Rudnitskaya,
CI: Alexander Filippov, Sergei Maksimov, Alexander Demanenko, Jura Gautzel
RUS 2013, OwE, 59‘

They travel from place to place, transporting their equipment in a dilapidated unheated van: they are the staff of a Russian mobile blood donation unit. Wherever they stop, people form a queue. Above all they’re interested in the compensation they receive in return for their blood. Alina Rudnitskaja shows us the conditions under which the staff of the unit work, and how they deal with the situation: with humour, alcohol and a lot of swearing. “Blood” is part of a trilogy about the Russian health service. In 2011 dokumentART screened the first of the three films, ‘I will forget this day’.

Alina Rudnitskaya is a graduate of St Petersburg University for Arts and Culture. Her first films, “Letter” and “Communal Residence”, were well received at many domestic and international film festivals. She has been working at the St. Petersburg documentary film studio since 2002. Her works have been shown worldwide and have won awards at festivals such as Leipzig, Madrid, Berlin, Belgrade and Moscow.