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D: ED: CI: Victor Asliuk, CI: Ivan Hancharuk
BLR 2013, OwE, 30', INT PR

Karelia. A small island in the middle of Lake Ladoga has only two inhabitants: Alexej Kliunia and Almaz, his horse. So Alexej is serious when he says he hopes he’ll be the first to die so that Almaz can cart his coffin to the cemetery. Alexej’s family were resettled to the island during the Soviet era and Alexej is now an old man. The two of them spend their days like a long-married couple. Now and then Alexej gives vent to his anger, letting out a stream of oaths, followed the next moment by tender caresses. They are bound together by the solitude, but they don’t seem to miss anything or anyone

Screenwriter and director Victor Asliuk studied at the Belarusian State University and the Belarusian State Academy of Arts. He has made more than 40 documentaries and won numerous prizes. He’s worked for the Belarusfilm Studio since 1995, and became a member of the European Film Academy in 2003.